Welcome to Peacefulmind Media - Home of the original Krys Glyph - Fine Art for your Home or Office!


Our metal panels can be mounted framed or unframed and will
enhance any wall in your office, warehouse, hallways, visitor lobby or conference rooms.

Install these outside and they will grab eyes!

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Photography taken to a primal level and
then baked into an aluminum metal panel.

Imagery that touches the spirit in us all.

These Fine Art metal panels are called "Krys Glyphs: Patterns From Nature"

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Your employees, when viewing our "Krys Glyph ©Designs can:

- RELAX for a minute or two - get their mind back in the game

- FEEL GOOD - this adds to the Company's bottom line

- maybe even put a smile on their face

Everyone from your employees to 
your clients and even your family can benefit from
viewing our Fine Art metal panels!

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